Ringer Updates Tinder Profile To Include Campdrafting Pic

Ringer Updates Tinder Profile To Include Campdrafting Pic

In a nod to the 2020 equivalent of landed gentry, professional bull catcher Ty Willis has updated his Tinder profile to include a “Campdrafting pic”  after spending another weekend in his double swag alone.

“It’s just to let the ladies know I’m a cut above those roos who think they can ride,” explained Ty as he practiced cracking his new whip.

“After all, what they need is someone who can bring back a couple of ribbons each weekend. I just needed to get the message out, hence the new pic and this monocle.”

Ty’s mates are also not sure what to make of the newly reinvented man who recently reshaped his Akubra into a bull riders bash.

However, Ty’s boss is less than impressed with the new attitude or Ty’s new habit of using mickey bulls to practice campdrafting and then losing them when pulling up to train his horse. 

“Ty? Is he that bloke who uses the station hay to feed his horses? Yeah, I’m going to need to speak to him after we finish this muster.”

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