Considerate Campdrafter Hosts Kick ons

Considerate Campdrafter Hosts Kick ons

“Oi everyone, kick ons at my camp!”

Those were the words that echoed through the local campdraft drinking hole at 2:45am one Saturday night. 25-year-old Luther Kelly claims he was doing a public service and saying, “It didn’t look like anyone else was gonna put their hand up.”

“…plus there’s heaps of Bundy rum cans in my mates' esky.”

In a heroic display of camaraderie, it is believed that the local ringer decided to host kick ons without consulting the three other people in his camp.

“Luther is cooked in the head,” says his long-suffering camp mate Victoria (23).

“It happened last freakin’ weekend. It’ll be 3:00am and I’ll get woken up by his dumbarse mates. They bust into our camp asking me for cigarettes so they can smoke them and stub them in my swag.”

Mr Kelly has stated that he and his mates have difficulty with calling it a night – especially after 12pm last drinks.

“Yeah, things get a bit messy but that’s life isn’t it? All a part of being young,” said Mr Kelly.

Mr Kelly’s 35-year-old mate Pete says he disagrees with this attitude but is more than willing to join in.

“These boys keep me young. Nothing like turning a Friday night drinks into a 3 day bender campdraft. Pineapple cruisers and the lot mate.”

Pete also described the dark side of Mr Kelly’s antics, “But yeah, when this shit happens every weekend it can become a bit much. I’m starting to take my campdrafting pretty seriously and I can’t be getting up that early to warm my horses if these sickos are flopping around on the campfire, blaring Luke Combs as a joke. I reckon they enjoy it though.”

Mr Kelly denies enjoying Luke Combs.


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