Meet Madie Moloney

Meet Madie Moloney

Meet Madie Moloney, owner of Treasure Chest Co Jewellery and a member of the campdraft community.


Residing on her family cattle property near Durong, 100km west of Kingaroy, Madie juggles both working on the property, as well as her incredibly popular jewellery business, Treasure Chest Co. Waking up early to pack as many orders as she can has become the norm for Madie, before heading out for a day’s work.


Some days are completely dedicated to packaging and sending orders, made possible by having a wonderful family giving Madie the flexibility of working two jobs. There aren’t however many days when Madie is not on a horse during campdraft season, making time to trot her camp horses after work is done for the day.


Campdrafting runs in the family, growing up watching her parents compete and being exposed to the campdrafting world as a child.  Being allowed to have her first run at age 10, Madie’s love for the sport began. Now, Madie not only continues to compete, she is the Treasurer at her local draft, Burrandowan, where her family are also cattle donors. 


“It is such a great community, its family orientated, and very welcoming. I have grown up with a lot of my friends campdrafting - it’s pretty cool to be able to be involved in a sport for your entire life. “

When asked about her favourite event of the year Madie suggested her opinion may be biased but her local Burrandowan is her favourite by far. The atmosphere and community sets it apart, being able to chase lines of good cattle all weekend and they make a point of having great entertainment at the event.


“I’m definitely not at the top of the game, but I think it’s important to be patient and mentally tough - it’s a very levelling sport. You need to have done the work with your horse, and keep positive and optimistic - there’s some luck involved so you have to be able to capitalise on that.”


I you would like to find out more about Madie’s amazing jewellery line check out her website
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